• Create a successful enterprise
  • Create a successful enterprise

    This web platform aims at helping entrepreneurs to create a new company in Luxembourg and become successful. Whether you already have a project or want to participate to an existing project, you are welcome and will find here what you need.

Who are you?

  • I am an entrepreneur

    I have a project, I want to create a new company in Luxembourg

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  • I am a Co-founder

    I want to participate to found a new company but I don't have a project yet

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  • I am an investor

    I am a Business Angel, Venture Capitalist, banker or any other organization able to finance a new project

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  • I am a Coach/Mentor

    I am able to help or support entrepreneurs or startups

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  • I am a professional network

    I am senator or manager of a business network or professional network

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  • I am an infrastructure

    I am working for a co-working space, an incubator, an infrastructure for startups or other such organizations

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  • I am a Partner

    I want to support your platform and/or advertise

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What will I find here?

Here you will find people who want to launch a new company or a startup in Luxembourg or Greater Region, and people or resources that could help. Project holders may find co-founders or investors

Why if I am an investor?

You will find here new projects to invest in, all of them being full of promises and possibilities. You will help giving birth to new worlds.

What if I want to find an investor?

You will find them in the corresponding menu.
You will be able to meet all your specific needs in the space matching your profile, which you can find in the Who are you paragraph.

How can I go further? What if I don’t find here what I am looking for? 

You may also ask for advice to info@cogito-ergo-sum.eu, our partner specialized in advice to entrepreneurs.

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